Upcoming Fly-in

DuperreOur annual Hangar Party is happening on August 20 starting at 5:30PM.  This year we are celebrating the legendary author Jules Verne whose novels predicted (among many other things) helicopters, drones, and videoconferencing.  His works inspired countless scientists, engineers, explorers and authors.  Verne also is the inspiration for Steampunk, which is this year's Hangar Party theme.  What is Steampunk?  Think of it as combining Victorian and Wild West fashions and culture with steam-powered technology.  Imagine steam-powered airplanes and airships, steam-powered computers, etc.  The movies Hugo and Wild Wild West incorporate a lot of Steampunk elements.  We have also created a gallery (link here) of some selected images to show you what a Steampunk costume looks like.  If you Google "Steampunk", or search for it in Amazon, you will get a lot of ideas.  Most of all, Steampunk is meant to be fun - so just express yourself!

By popular demand, we are bringing back the live band and dance floor.  The cost is only $15 per person - all of the BBQ meats will be provided as well as beverages.  Please bring a side dish sized for 6-8 people.  Once again Lambi and Sally Haralambos have generously made their hangar available for this event.  It would be hard (maybe impossible) to have this kind of event without their hangar and Del Amo Flyers very much appreciates their support.

Special Announcements

October Fly-in. Spots are going fast for the October 14-16 fly-in to Oxnard/Channel Islands. If you've been thinking of going please sign-up now to make sure you have a spot on the boat trip and a hotel room.

Dues are overdue! If you haven't paid your dues to the best flying club ever. Please make sure to do so by sending your check to Dan Delane (Payable to “Del Amo Flyers”).

New Members   Please welcome our newest members to Del Amo Flyers, Ellen Wright, Nora Montoya, and David & Natalie Shaby!