Upcoming Fly-in

Catalina24 nautical miles across the sea, KAVX is awaiting for me... Not quite the same ring to it, but May 13-15 the Del Amo Flyers will be heading to Avalon for weekend of fun. There'll be a scavenger hunt, a catamaran ride, and plenty of things to see and do. Check out the latest information and sign up for the activities here.

Upcoming Dinner Program


Please join us in May when Dr. Fred Bongard, Board Certified Surgeon and Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), will discuss Flight Physiology and how it affects pilots and passengers. Some of the topics Dr. Bongard will discuss will be the use of oxygen, how common drugs can affect flight performance and he will debunk a few medical myths. Join us for this interesting discussion that is sure to provide useful information for both pilots and passengers.

Special Announcements

Drakesbad Resort (2017 Fly-in): A block of 13 rooms have been reserved for August 15-27, 2017. If you plan on going on the trip please call and reserve your room. There’s going fast so call soon. Check out the Drakesbad Fly-in page for more info.

Channel Islands (October Fly-in): There's new information posted for the October 14-16 Fly-in to visit the Channel Islands. Save the date and see more info here