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its-a-mystery-500x325The annual DAF Mystery Fly-in will take place on November 15th. Join the fun as we test your aeronautical knowledge to decipher which airport we're flying to for lunch! Questions will be on chart reading, local knowledge, airmanship, and random subjects meant to even the playing field. Bring your E6B, LA sectional and LA Class B chart, and show up at the GAC at 10:00 am.

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Christmas is coming! Don't forget to put the DAF annual party on your calendar. The date is December 9th, the location is the Palos Verdes Golf Club, and the rest of the details will be out shortly. It's a great event with a live band, dancing, and plenty of good times with your fellow DAFers.

IMG 1745-5602The Sedona fly-in the weekend of 10-12 October was a big success. About 32 people attended, with 9 airplanes including a chartered jet! Several people drove to take in the Southwest sights along the way. Activities included Jeep Rides, vortex chasing and experiencing, visiting Jerome and Prescott, seeing nearby ancient Native American sites, some hiking, and just relaxing and enjoying the magnificent canyon views. Happy hours were popular events. Saturday dinner was at the Mesa Grill at the airport and near the hotel. The flying weather was great both ways.

Thanks go to Dave Weir for arranging another fantastic fly-in.


septThe dinner meeting's presentation was by Mike McCaskill, who created "The Hope-ful Devil." Mike talked about his discovery of twelve minutes of raw footage of his father and crew's rescue after ditching their B-29. He then tracked down additional footage from all kinds of sources to create the 45 minute documentary he showed the DAFers. Many present commended it as the best DAF program in years. Contratulations to Mike on his tremendous work, and thanks to Larry Chapman for setting up the program.


IMG 0617-5597September's Fly-in was a lunch run to San Luis Obispo. 30 DAFers made the trip in ten planes and one car.

We were welcomed by the manager, Doug, at "The Spirit of Lt. Louis" restaurant, right on the field. The group took over the patio for great food and lively conversation. Once finished, diners took off in all directions for further fun. Thanks to all who attended. Thanks as well to Lori Delane, who arranged the trip.


DSC 0619This yea's Hangar Party theme was Casablance, and it was a dapper batch of DAFer's that showed up at Rick's Cafe Americain. There was great food, thanks to the crack grilling team of Curtis and Larry. The wine and margaritas flowed, the movie ran in the background, and there was even a little karaoke late in the evening! As always, thanks to the volunteers who came Saturday morning to set up and decorate the hangar, and came back Sunday morning to help clean up. Barbara Benson came up with our theme, and once again thanks to Lambi and Sally for volunteering the use of their hangar. Another great DAF Party!


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