Board of Directors

Current Member

(Term Expiration)

Larry Chapman
Chair board meetings.  Preside over dinner meetings. Insure other board members stay on track. In general, trying to herd cats.
 Fly-In Chair & VP
Mitch Taylor
Insure that at least one fly-in per month is scheduled. Encourage other members to plan fly-ins. Take credit when a fly-in is successful. Blame the fly-in planner when it is not.
Eric Kinder
Keep the club books. Manage the club bank account. Report the state of the clubs finances at the monthly board meetings.
Robert Beckwith
Record the minutes of monthly board meetings and email the copy to board president who distributes them to board members each month. Maintain a file of past minutes for reference. Send out correspondence on behalf of board/membership i.e. Thank you notes, condolences.
Program Chair
Laurice Churchill / Maggie Smith
Identify and schedule programs for the monthly dinner meeting. Introduce speakers. 
Dan and Lori Delane
Pursue new membership and encourage existing members to contact fellow pilots and promote the many advantages of joining the club. Collect yearly dues and maintain a listing of current members and payment status. Coordinate with and submit dues to the Treasurer. 
James Pavlick
A total no-brainer. Publish the monthly newsletter & web site from copy received from the other board members.
Patti LaGrelius
Plan meals for monthly dinner meeting. Manage the on-line reservation system. Negotiate contract/deals with dinner meeting venue. Collect money at the dinner meeting. Check-in members and guests. Tactfully inform members that they don't have a reservation and hence do not get any dinner.
Linda Howard
Plan and execute the setting up of all decorations at the monthly dinner meetings and special events (e.g hangar party)
Steve Sappington / Nancy Schunke
Take pictures at dinner meetings, fly-ins, and special events. Insure that pictures are taken of the wine drawing winners, dinner meeting speaker, new members, Wings recipient, etc. Submit appropriate pictures to the newsletter & web site editor for publication. Maintain a picture archive.