2015 Fly-Ins

Once again, the Flaming Brisket Fly-in had a good turnout, with 40 DAFers in 17 aircraft (and one car) arriving at Agua Dulce Airpark for a BBQ brisket lunch. The weather was perfect (for a change), not too hot but clear and sunny, and there was plenty of room at the tables in the shade. There was lots of brisket for everyone, and a large assortment of sides to go with it.

A few people needed a little push to get off the grass parking (Iguess there isn't a water shortae at Agua Dulce), but there were enough volunteers to help them out. THe flight back was smooth, although the tower at Torrance was caught a little bit off guard by the sudden influx out of the corridor.

Good times, good company, good food; what more can you ask for!