2015 Fly-Ins

Twenty-two DAFers in nine aircraft and one Lexus eventually made it up to Gold Country's Columbia Airport for a fun weekend. Because of weather in the LA basin and over Gorman, two aircraft were delayed until Saturday morning. Ten participants camped at the airport's campground, with the remaining 12 staying at a hotel in nearby Sonora.

Larry and Jodie hosted a BBQ at the airport's campground pavilion on Friday night with a Happy Hour followed by BBQ chicken and beef shortribs. A second Happy hour followed.

Saturday involved a little shopping, sightseeing and bar hopping in Sonora and the winery town of Murphys. Those camping started the day with a great group breakfast in the pavilion. The highlight on Saturday was dinner at the historical City Hotel in Columbia, which is located in a horse-drawn vehicle only area. Although we had a private dining room, DAFers were able to roam back and forth to the bar and occasionally outside. A talented street musician playing outside the hotel was convinced to setup just outside our dining room, where he serenaded us throughout the evening.

Sunday arrived with low IFR weather in Columbia which cleared by early afternoon. Many flew back IFR in order to get into the LA Basin. The VFR pilots had stories to tell.

Many thanks to Larry and Jodie for a really well organized and fun event and to those pilots who didn't give up getting to the destination.