2016 Fly-Ins
20160910 113002-7644Like a plague of locusts, the DAF descended en mass on March AFB for a day at the March Field Air Museum. In a spectacular display of precision flying, everyone made the first turnoff from Runway 32, although some missed the subsequent turn onto Taxiway Golf. The 18 aircraft (which may be a DAF record) were marshalled in to Million Air, and filled their entire ramp area. Jodie and Lori took driving duty to ferry everyone from Million Air to the Air Museum, where the visit started with a taco lunch. Larry checked everyone off and handled coordination. 

The collection of aircraft and aviation memorabilia at the museum is massive, including an SR-71 and many aircraft rarely seen up close. The B-47 and B-52 were there with their massive landing gear, along with the Globemaster, Flying Boxcar, and an assortment of smaller aircraft. There was plenty of time after lunch to wander the grounds and check them out, before Mitch and Patti took over the driving duties to get everyone back to the airport. 

Many thanks to Million Air and their staff. They opened on Saturday just for the DAF, had everything waiting for us, and gave us the use of their crew cars for the day. They did a great job, and made us feel very welcome. The civilian Airport Manager, Gary Gosiglia, showed up as well to greet us. Great things are happening there, and it's nice to see new opportunities for General Aviation.

Finally, thanks go to Dan Delane, for setting everything up. After all that effort, he wasn't able to attend the fly-in due to work!