Using This Website

Logging into the website

To use most features of this website, you do not need to log in.  For example, you can make dinner reservations, register for events, view photos and videos without logging in.  Logging in is required in order to use the following features:
  • Change your password
  • View the membership directory
  • Update your user profile
  • Upload photos to the photo gallery

Note: Because the site may perform slower for logged-in users, we recommend that you do not log into the site unless you ares trying to access a feature only available to logged-in users.


A temporary password was given to you as part of the initial website registration process - you should have received an automatically-generated email from Del Amo Flyers that contained the temporary password.  We recommend that you change this password to something personal using the intructions presented below.

Log in and you will see a new menu item "Printable Membership List" under Member Directory.  Once you click on that item, you will be taken to a new screen with a "Print PDF" button.  Click on that button and a PDF of the Member Directory will be downloaded to your computer, where you can print it out.  Note:  creating the PDF can taken a minute or two.  Be patient while the process completes.

Just click on the Log In button at the top of the left column on the page.  You don't need to use a Username, just use the email address at which you receive Del Amo Flyer emails.  Everyone was assigned a temporary password when they were registered on the website - you should change the temporary password to something personal (see instructions below).

If you are logging into the site for the first time, log in using the temporary password assigned to you.  If you have already changed your password to something personal and wish to change that password, use your current password to log in.
Once you've logged in, click on "Edit Profile/Password" under "My Profile" on the left side of the screen and you'll be taken to the "Edit Your Details" page.  Click on the "Password" tab on that page, enter your new password, and click "Update"