Using This Website

Uploading Photos

  • Log into the website
  • Click on the "Upload Photos" menu item under "Member Area" section on the left side of the screen.
  • A new page will appear that lists all of the DAF events.  Click on the "Manage Images" link next to the event to which you want to add photos.
  • A new page will appear that has a grey upload box near the top of your screen.  You can add photos to the upload box in two ways:
      1. Simply drag one or more photo files into the middle of the grey box (Internet Explorer users: see note below).
      2. Click on the "Add Files" button in the bottom left of the upload box and then browse to the location on your computer when the photo files are stored.  Click on the photos you want to be uploaded and then click on the "Choose" or "Open" button.
  • Once you have added you photos to the upload list, click on the "Start Upload" button at the bottom of the grey box (You will see a status bar show the upload process)
  • Once the upload is complete, it is a good idea to visit the gallery for the photos you have just uploaded.  When a gallery is first accessed, the photo program creates a number of size versions for each photo.  This process can take a little time for a large number of photos.  By being the first to access the gallery, subsequent visitors will not experience any delay in viewing the photos

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, this drag feature may not be available. Please consider adding an alternative web browser such as Firefox or Chrome - these browsers support the newest web standards and will let you experience the full features of not only this website but most other websites.  Installing an additional browser will not delete Internet Explorer - it will still be available.