Using This Website

Member Directory

Yes.  If you provided us with multiple emails when you were first registered on the website, then individual accounts and profiles were created.  If you wish to have your own profile, just send us your email address and we'll set up an account for you.


It's simple.  Just login and you will see a new menu item "Member Directory" in the Member Area section.  Click on Member Directory and you will be taken to the online directory.  Click on a member's name and you will see the full profile for that member.

Keeping you personal information up-to-date is easy.  

  • Log into the website
  • Click on "Edit Profile/Password" under "My Profile" in the Member Area section
  • On the "Edit Your Details" page, there are four tabs:Edit your details screen shot
    • Profile Image: click on this tab to upload a new photo for your profile. Select "Upload a new profile image" from the dropdown list, and the choose the photo file on your computer that you want as your profile image.
    • Contact Info: Click on this tab to update your address, email, phone, etc. Just enter the changes in the white boxes and click "Update" at the bottom of the screen.
    • Password: Click on this tab to change your password.
    • Additional Info: Click on this tab to add optional information regarding your occupation, related website, and flying experience. There is also a "My Story" section that will allow you to present any stories you would like to share regarding flying.
  • Remember to click on "Update " after you make any changes in order to save them.