Dinner Meeting Reviews
This year's Hangar Party was almost the one that got away. The new policies for parties hosted by an airport business were suddenly applied to the DAF, and the requirements would have prevented the party from going ahead. Fortunately, our fearless (and feckless) president, Larry, rolled up his sleeves and went to work. With the aid of Tim Goodrich, DAF member and Torrance City Councilman, a special one time exemption for the Del Amo Flyers was passed, enabling the party to go on. And go on it did!
The original theme was slightly hijacked due to the alchohol issues to add a prohibition theme. Carry Nation's Leminade Stand was the new bar, which changed to Debbie Dunn's Dunnit Inn when the "authorities" were gone. Al Gibbs created a classic Speakeasy style lemanade serving table, which flipped over to reveal an operational roulette wheel. Unfortunatly, the chips were only worth what you paid for them, so nobody got rich.
Mitch provided smoked brisket, which was paired with grilled chicken and the usual assortment of potluck The band had a good crowd on the dance floor, and a great time was had by all!
Many thanks to the Hangar Party Committee, ably led by Linda Howard. Maggie Smith set up the bar and make an excellent lemonade, Patti LaGrelius checked everyone in, Laurice Churchill, Lori Delane and Anne O'Brien worked on decorations along with Robert Beckwith, and there were plenty of other volunteers who helped out. Thanks again to everyone!