Upcoming Dinner Program
Gomer F5Our presentation for the dinner meeting will feature the capabilities and Air Force usage of the Northrop F-5, courtesy of DAF'R Dan L. Delane, USAF L/C, Retired.

A film will accompany the presentation; film credits go to none other than Producer/Cinematographer/Editor DAF'R President Larry Chapman. The film was created at the Western Museum of Flight at the Torrance Airport courtesy of DAF'R Cindy Macha and her staff of docents, allowing the use of the F-5A on hand in the museum to complete the filming and commentary. 

The F-5 was created by Northrop here in Los Angeles and as such has special meaning to many of our DAF'Rs that actually worked on or flew in the program. While the F-5 was built to be a low cost multi-role aircraft in fightemulti-roler, attack and reconnaissance uses, it was the perfect MIG simulator for dissimilar air combat roles for our forces worldwide to practice against. The presentation focuses on how the jet was used in that role as a MIG replicator against americas' best to prepare new and seasoned pilots how to best fight against the venerable MIG-21/ 23 if the opportunity presented itself. 

The film has some interesting new and old footage all should find interesting.