2014 Fly-Ins

IMG 1302-5679The Mystery Fly-in came off without a hitch as about 26 DAFers in 9 planes made the trip to Perris for lunch. After answering the critical questions on the quiz correctly in order to find out the destination, they dodged parachute jumpers and jump planes to get to the Bomb Shelter Cafe for an excellent lunch. There was one go-around in deference to a jump plane asserting local right-of-way, but otherwise we were welcomed in, and had a great view the the jumpers landing right across the runway. The weather cooperated by breaking up just in time for our departure. All in all, another fine trip.

Thanks to the Mystery Committee for creating the quiz and setting up the trip. Volunteers are always welcome to help organize fly-ins, and ideas for future fly-ins are always welcome. Don't hesitate to contact any member of the board.