2011 Fly-Ins


OK - It's Tehachapi

November 5, 2011.  This year's annual Mystery Fly-In was a huge success. Thirty-three DAFers in 16 aircraft participated. By some quirk of fate, all aircraft landed at the correct mystery airport. For those that did not attend the fly-in, the Mystery destination was Tehachapi (KTSP). As you know, the Mystery Fly-in consists of a quiz and a fly-in. The correct answers to the quiz let you deduce the mystery destination. In order to win, you must get the highest score on the quiz and show up at the mystery destination for lunch. So, to reduce the embarrassment and frustration to our veteran pilots caused by the quiz, the fly-in committee really went to great effort to dumb it down. Unfortunately, the committee did not reach the proper level of dumbness. Maybe next year we will just publish the answers ahead of time. All participants had a great time. Some were even "starting to have fun yet." ...Joe